Soap box racer car kit automotive style steering parts, wheels, plans, templates, educational objectives. Fund raising and downhill and slalom event organization information booklet available with first order.
++++ Raise funds ++++
++++Increase club awareness. ++++
++++ Encourage community involvement. ++++
Have fun with a proven kit & high profile event that will continue year after year, after year, after year ...
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A DERBY*GOKIT® soapbox race is:
Eliminate the necessity of writing time consuming dimensions and descriptions of components with one simple rule,
Exclusive use of the affordable DERBY*GOKIT® allows driver skill to be the main deciding factor in the race.
Standardization ensures a more intense and exciting race for drivers & spectators.
DERBY*GOKIT® has standardized components for racers across Canada for over 20 years.
DERBY*GOKIT® is currently being used to teach basic automotive principles and construction skills in schools.
The kit includes an automotive style steering mechanism, wheels, plans, templates and all parts needed to build a racer, with the exception of a half sheet of plywood, nails and glue.
To view how Educational Objectives can be met using Gokit, CLICK HERE.

To view how ADULTS can use Gokit, CLICK HERE
To view ways that the community can become involved, CLICK HERE.
Race Organizers can appreciate DERBY*GOKIT®because:
One rule... "Use DERBY*GOKIT®" can save a lot of time making rules and writing dimensions.
Once an appropriate hill has been established for DERBY*GOKIT®, competitors and organizers can rest assured that each racer will travel about the same speed. Not too fast to be dangerous and not so slow that participants will be embarrassed by being left stranded in the middle of the hill.
Participants appreciate DERBY*GOKIT® because:
Contestants can be confident that they will have as much chance of winning as their opponents. Competitors don't have to be concerned with rejection due to an oversight about racer construction, because they need only follow construction procedures outlined in the instructions included with each DERBY*GOKIT® package.
Spectators will be treated to an exciting event because:
All racers are constructed with similar basic components. This will lead to many close finishes at the checkered flag.
All drivers are "borne" equal when DERBY*GOKIT® is used to standardize.
Parents and leaders can look forward to building a racer because:
Throughout construction they can be confident that the finished produce will actually work.
This positive anticipation can be a great bonding experience for the child and the adult because
"Nothing succeeds like success!"
For some "comic relief", CLICK HERE.
The highly maneuverable automotive style steering 
mechanism makes DERBY*GOKIT®ideal for 
flat ground slalom races
as well as for every day fun on flat ground as a "push cart".

To view flat ground slalom event ideas, CLICK HERE.

The essence of DERBY*GOKIT® is to keep it accessible to many children:

DERBY*GOKIT ® includes: tie rods and connecting rods steering shaft, guide & plate, crossmember and knuckles..wheels, bolts and brackets...
DERBY*GOKIT ® Also includes three brake mechanism designs but they require some hinges and/or cables available at your local hardware store or/and old brake tread (not steel belted)

To view other racer designs, CLICK HERE.
DERBY*GOKIT® has been used across Canada for over 20 years. Standardization has encouraged inter-regional competition. Participants from one city can be invited to compete in events in other centers that use DERBY*GOKIT® to standardize.

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Single cartons and single kits are mailed within 24 hours of receipt of a  money order or  for the appropriate amount.

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Shipping by next day courier services are not used because, for example, to California Shipping alone is $90+

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Minimum orders of 30 kits at a time can be shipped via Air Canada Cargo to a European International airport
where Air Canada lands for a "TOTAL" $USD3600.00,  but the kits must be picked up at the airport.
Please enquire by email to verify availability, "TOTAL" cost and airport nearest you to which kits will be delivered.

A booklet describing fund raising and race organization will be included with your first order on request.

To see a couple of races that have been going on for years click one of the links below
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We are just starting a Facebook page. We would love to have pictures of your racers on our page!


Click here to see the VIDEO CLIP of the same race 20 years later  

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